Getting Started with Cloud Computing

Workshop Cycle block 1: Getting Started with Cloud Computing

Does your PC keep running code for 24 hours without giving you any output? Does your computer get very warm and become unusable for any other daily task? Is your student room filled with frustration? Do you keep thinking “What if there is a mistake in my code and I have to rerun the whole thing?”. 

The (partial) solution is Cloud Computing! Making use of external on-demand computing services such as Azure, AWS or Google Cloud, will allow you to outsource your programme thereby removing the burden from your own PC.

To help you use those facilities FAECTOR decided to organise a “Getting Started with Cloud Computing” workshop. This workshop is a part of a series of workshops organised by FAECTOR called the Workshop Cycle. In this edition of the Workshop Cycle you will first receive a general introduction into what Cloud Computing is, which services exist and how you can use them. Then, you will be introduced to a guided tour of the terminal, as this is an important way in which you can control and use computers running in the cloud. Finally, there will be example applications of how to run code written in Java, Python and R on an external server and you will receive tips on where to find free trials. 

If you are ready to bring your programming skills to the next level, sign up for this workshop! Keep in mind that there are limited spots available.

Students in their final year of Bachelor and Master students have priority.
You are asked to bring your own laptop. Unfortunately users of Chromebook are not able to join.