Workshop Cycle: Git Workshop by Robeco

Note that this event is for students in their last year of Bachelor and Master.

The biggest group project in the econometrics bachelor and master is coming up: the Seminar! In groups of 4 you will be working on a big assignment that will require a lot of programming. This online workshop will get you started on how to effectively develop and maintain your code while the entire group works on it simultaneously. You will no longer have to send around functions with names like!

The software programme git is perfect for collaborating on big coding projects. Git is completely free of charge and works for any programming language. In this online workshop the quantitative investment department of Robeco will get you started with basic saving, sharing and developing code via git and GitHub. After attending you will master the basics of git and hopefully be able to apply it to your own coding assignments.

During the workshop you will work in couples. You can either fill in the name of your partner in the subscription form or let us assign a partner to you. Note that both people from a couple have to fill in the subscription form.