EFI Game Night

Do you want to get your mind of studying for an evening? Play some games and win a prize, or just hang out with your fellow students? Then this Game Night is the perfect opportunity!

On 10 November, FAECTOR organises an integration event for all freshmen students of the Dutch and international programmes. During this amazing event, you will receive some drinks and snacks on us and compete with your friends to be the absolute best at various games throughout the night. And all of this for just €5 !

Don't hesitate, find a friend to join your team of two and sign up now!

Note. If making teams of two is hard for you and your friendgroup of an uneven amount of people, you can also sign up alone. We will then assign you a teammate. If you would like to sign up in groups of three you can as well, however the games we play are not designed for an uneven amount of people, so one of you might have to sit out on a game each time.