Third & Fourth Years Dinner at Umami

On the 16th of January at 18:00 the Thirdyearsday will take place at the multiple award-winning restaurant, UMAMI. Here you will be having 3 courses (2 dishes per course) for the price of just 7 euros! Umami is scientifically known to be the fifth flavor alongside sweet, sour, salty, and bitter and is a Japanese culinary term which literally means ‘a delicious flavor’. As most ingredients in the dishes will have a high dose of umami we are certain that you will have a delicious experience. Some important notes:

  • Please note that this event is only open for Ba3 & Ba4 students. 
  • When buying your ticket don’t forget to mention your dietary preferences.
  • After the amazing dinner, you have the opportunity to go to the beer cantus which takes place the same evening with, what might be, the best "bodem" ever. Don’t forget to sign up for this event as well! We make sure that you will arrive on time and have time to change in lederhosen and dirndls!
  • Subscriptions close 13-01-2023 at 23:57


If you manage to get a spot for this event, we will send you a link with all the information you need. We are looking forward to seeing you!