Workshop Cycle: R Workshop

Did you not yet have an opportunity to learn R? Or would you like to explore this programming language deeper? Don’t miss the chance and sign up for this edition of the Workshop Cycle, namely an R Workshop organised by FAECTOR!

R is one of the most widely used languages in the field of Data Science. Since it has a large community of users in both the academic and the corporate world, being familiar with it is a valuable asset for each econometrician. In the two sessions of the workshop you will learn to work with different types of data through a combination of theory and practice. After quickly covering the basics of R, you will be introduced to different data types, data storage and data cleaning techniques. Furthermore, you will learn how to work with large data sets and competing data structures. Lastly, you will also get an insight into data visualisation and distributed computing.

Sounds useful? Don’t wait any longer and subscribe as there are limited spots available!

The workshop will take place on 30 and 31 March, from 13:30 until 15:00 in T3-46 (30 March) and T3-57 (31 March).

Please note you will only be admitted if you are in your 2nd year of Bachelor or higher and it is required to attend both sessions.