Inhouse Day Ciphix

We would like to cordially invite you to attend Ciphix' in-house day!

During this afternoon, you will get various workshops from developers with years with experience. Next to this they'll you more about their company.

To conclude the day, we would like to invite you to join a drink and the Ciphix Knowledge College afterwards. Are you ready for it? We are!

About Ciphix

Ciphix is a Rotterdam-based #Hyperautomation specialist. We believe that in a world with so much technological potential, there is no need to perform monotonous, boring and repetitive work. That is why we are committed to helping organisations harness human potential through smart automation of business processes. With an integrated approach to Process Mining, RPA, Low-code, Integrations and Machine Learning, we can provide our customers, including global brands and government organisations, with unique and robust solutions to their business challenges.

This event is for bachelor-2 students and higher. Selection will be based on study phase. The application deadline is 2 April at 23:59, we will let you know on 3 April at the latest if you are selected to join!