Inhouse Day Vinted

Vinted Marketplace is the largest online international C2C marketplace in Europe dedicated to second-hand fashion, with a growing member base of over 80 million registered members spanning 18 markets in Europe and North America. With a mission to make second-hand the first choice worldwide, Vinted enables people to sell and buy second-hand clothes and lifestyle items from each other, helping give those items a second or even third life.

Vinted's headquarters are found in Vilnius, with offices in Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg, Kaunas and Prague and over 1,500 employees. If we had to summarise what is happening at the company today it would be:
- Hypergrowth
- Diversity & Inclusion
- Maturing organisation
- Grand ambitions

And in order to keep growing and reach our goals, we’re designing a future where it is second nature to consider data in every decision about strategy, user needs, features... anything really! Our Data Science & Analytics department is here to make data obvious throughout Vinted. We can't wait to meet you in our in-house event on May 17th in Amsterdam.


This event is for bachelor-2 students and higher. Selection will be based on study phase. The application deadline is 14 May at 23:59, we will let you know on 15 May at the latest if you are selected to join!