Master Take-Off

This event is for students that will start one of the following master programmes at Erasmus School of Economics in the academic year 2023-2024: Econometrics, Business Analytics and Quantitative Marketing, Quantitative Finance, Analytics and Operations Research in Logistics

This event is about the evening programme. Information about the company cases in the afternoon can be found in the email you will receive from Erasmus School of Economics. Any questions about either part of the programme, you can reach us at!

Afternoon (no registration required)

At 14.00h, you will follow an on-campus introduction to your master specialisation from the Academic Director that coordinates the programme. After these sessions, FAECTOR hosts company cases, where you will get the chance to work together with your fellow students, meet companies that operate in your field of studies and get the opportunity to network with your possible future employers already. These cases start at 14.00h in the afternoon, and will also be on-campus.

Evening (registration required)

After a long day of introductory activities and company cases, you would of course like to see some of your fellow master students in a more informal setting, have a drink and meet up! Therefore, FAECTOR organizes a social drink on 5 September in the evening, where all upcoming master students are welcome to enjoy a beer or a soda and have some snacks, all for free! Note that for this part of the programme, it is mandatory to sign up!

The event will take place at De Gele Kanarie on 5 september from 20.00h onwards. We have limited capacity so be sure to subscribe now!

We hope to see you there!