Rally Weekend

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Dear adventure enthusiasts, memory-makers, and life celebrators. Get ready for this year’s edition of Rally Weekend! As you should know, we will be venturing to an unknown destination outside the Netherlands (or maybe not, who knows…). The trip will kick off on 11 May and conclude on 12 May.

Driving long and far can be lonely… So, assemble your team of 4-7 friends with whom you will be driving in one car! One person from each team will sign up using a Google Forms document, and each team must arrange a car themselves. Given you cannot find a team, or if your team has some empty car seats, send us an e-mail! And perhaps we can work something out.

The ticket price is €45 per person and will include one night of stay, a great dinner meal and compensation for fuel!

You don’t want to miss out. We guarantee this weekend will be one you will never forget! Can you already picture it? Laughter from your friends fills the car, your favourite tunes humming in the background, and the pure freedom of roaming the open roads. Don’t hesitate, tell your friends and sign up! There are limited spots available so keep a close eye on the socials.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email at eveco@faector.nl.

Note: subscriptions open on Monday 22 April at 16:58!