Talk: Why Economics is cool after all!

A story about exploitation, inequality, and revolution by an econometrician who only discovered ten years after graduating that Economics is actually one of the most important scientific disciplines. 

During the event, Remy Spliet, who you might know from Vector Calculus, will talk about his personal experiences with the following:

- Why, as a student (and for a long time after) he thought Economics was an inferior scientific domain;

- Why he now thinks that Economics is one of the most important scientific domains

- What basic Economic principles he has encountered that were never discussed when he studied Econometrics;

- What insights follow from these basic principles, offering explanations for important societal phenomena such as exploitation, inequality and revolution.

The talk will take place in Theil CB-3 on the 30th of May at 15:00. It will be finished at 16:00, followed by a drink with some free drinks and snacks.