Find Your Match

Find Your Match (FYM) is the yearly speed date event for third year students and higher organised by FAECTOR. During this event over ten companies come to the Faculty Club looking for new interns and starters. This year’s edition will take place the 17th of January 2018 and will start around 14:00 in the Faculty Club.

The idea of FYM is that companies have in total almost eighteen 'dates' of six minutes with students. Since this is not a lot of time, this time will have to be used as efficient as possible. To make sure this is possible, we provide the students a booklet with information about the participating companies. Next to that, students will select several companies they want to speak to and will also let us know in which sector they're interested in. Using this information, we can make sure that the companies will see students that are selected in a way that the students are interesting for them. After this speed dating a network drink will take place. At this drink, students can get into contact with the companies they liked most.

From the previous years we know that this event is a great success. A lot of students that participate in this event are looking for internships or starters positions at companies, which means those students are exactly the ones companies are looking for.

You can find last year's booklet below:

These are the eleven participating companies of the 2017 edition of FYM:

De Belastingdienst -
Capgemini -
Deep Blue Capital -
EY -
Gibbs -
Optiver -
Precima -
PwC -
Totta Data Lab -